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Since I was a kid, all I’ve ever wanted to do is create things. It started with my own imaginary world, where paper castles were inhabited by paper dolls, dressed to the nines in paper clothing.


Then, I discovered a knack for writing and learned how to create other worlds in different mediums. At 12 years old, I taught myself to play guitar and wrote my first song. In high school drama and film classes, I always volunteered to write the script. 

After a couple of student journalism gigs, I tried my hand at visual storytelling. Now, I primarily handle social media design for three local brands in the food and beverage industry.


Most recently, I've started exploring copywriting and art direction further with FIR NW. As a student of Communications and Advertising. With a keen eye for design and detail, my favorite part of any project is helping others tell their story, effectively and authentically.


I fell in love with advertising when I realized that I could do that over and over again on the creative side.


If you want help bringing that world you have in mind to life,

I’m your gal.

Styling a flat lay for Sparkling Wine Anytime