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I could tell you my life story but...

you may find these fast facts more entertaining.


Every time I say I'm "just browsing"in a stationery or plant store, I'm lying.

I was so obsessed with playing dress up when I was little that I would sometimes insist on wearing my costumes to formal events.

Was I dressed for Halloween or a

retirement party here? Couldn't tell ya.

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I started going by my nickname (Lex, short for Alexa), paired with my mom's maiden name (Rule), when I was a sixteen-year-old aspiring rockstar who needed a cooler stage name.


I left the Joan Jett haircut behind but took the name with me into new pursuits.

I wear my heart on my face. 

Always have.

Millions of people have had dreams about their teeth falling out, but I've never met anyone else who has had a dream in which their teeth fall out and their dentist is Don Draper.


(If that was my subconscious warning me against a career in advertising, I'm ignoring it.)

I make sensational breakfast sandwiches but absolutely nothing else that should be considered edible.​​​​

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